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Finance of Chinese of unemployed wall street is in charge of homecoming high to

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Liu Lin of reporter of ◆ every classics is sent from Beijing

On September 5, the United States will announce the blame August farming obtain employment population and unemployment rate. The market anticipates unemployment rate will continue to maintain generally in July the perch of 5.7% .

Since last year December, american unemployment rate rises steadily all the time. Suffer second shift impact, up to complete beauty already had 10 commercial banks to close down by August. Wall street large quantities of finance elite are forced to turn row, tall canal of its China person is cut into parts more easily, of homecoming be absent a few. Occupy reporter understanding additionally, at present home has had financial orgnaization to begin to brew abroad invite applications for a job, the company is cast to also go to wall street before plan in " enlarge an army " .

Chinese controller is fried easily

According to " wall street daily " report, second since borrowing crisis happening, the wall street employee of 20% lost the job. Those cast an elite people some should remove barber, some opens a restaurant, or it is to devote into educational line of business, agriculture. Turn nevertheless of travel is American mostly, the Chinese that is affected by Chinese traditional culture, accept such is forced that turn very hard to go. A tide of large-scale financial talent circumfluence is emerging secretly move.

"Second since borrowing the crisis to erupt, I know be in wall street in the Chinese from course of study, already many 10 go back to the motherland the job. " Cao Gonghui of director of lab of finance of institute of money market of domestic financial expert, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences plaints so.

Cao Gonghui discloses, these people have old working experience in wall street, attribute senior management public figure, even some has accomplished executive trustee, somebody in recent years share out bonus is as high as dollar of several ten million. "When but be in,firing a high level, chinese be the first to be affected. Chinese be the first to be affected..

When TedHong of president of company of a personage of foreign citizen of Chinese origin that has done poineering work successfully 20 years in wall street, Beyondbond accepts our newspaper reporter to interview, express, chinese controller is cut into parts more easily. "Can accomplish the Chinese that manages a layer, original very few. Wait for an element as a result of setting of culture difference, country, once produce the crisis, the seat of Chinese controller can sit flabby. " and the Chinese that pursues technical job in wall street is cut into parts scale is done not have so big.

After going back to the motherland, each plan an outlet

In the Chinese of homecoming, some are stemmed from but, some are to want to disentomb new business chance. Came back from the United States last year in July, currently hold the post of3 eaves of Shanghai the JeffLi of CEO of business management advisory limited company belongs to latter. He discovers second borrow the crisis to anticipate to the job of financial industry Chinese and psychology produced impact, talent circumfluence trend is clear, go back to the motherland technically then achieve office to manage, talent of help circumfluence banking " choose fine wood and dwell " . Up to now, the 7~8 that he is enterprise of bank of a few foreign capital, civilian battalion already successfully finance provides class post high, found right homecoming talented person.
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