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Difficult character of gold of resonance of a lot of not certain factor dies dis

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Via appearance of Han of easy futures Qiu

Before two months, if who have dare the coping that make bold forecasts crude oil has drawn near, can be flooded by the distrustful sound all round immediately for certain. The dollar when those falls drop endlessly, exhausted condition all is shown, and crude oil rides absolutely dirt, innovate repeatedly tall. The commodity market that heads with crude oil is in of capital chase after hold next ceaseless refresh histories in both hands to be nodded high, break through an another psychology col, dare forecast driving bovine city prices without the person after all when terminative. Below enormous inflationary pressure, of gold avoid danger function also got highlighting, golden price is climbed steadily continuously litre, approach col of 1000 dollars integer step by step, it seems that the high point of the beginning of the year also is about to become the target that overshoots easily.

However, just when investor exclamations,crude oil will break through 150 dollars, gold also can innovate again tall while, the market however with the dollar rebound to be chance with the quickness callback of crude oil quickly, finished the coping that cannot anticipate it seems that before this to confirm a procedure. Fall after a rise of commodity market all fronts, appear before this negligible interest empty news is thick as hail, the fall after a rise of the market is adjusted rapid and abrupt is prevented not as good as. Rebound continuously in the dollar and crude oil is late below the collective suppress of a next defeat, international gold price returns 800 dollars afresh / near ounce, experience of bull person energy of life weighs defeat, of gold go situation begin it seems that forward Jing Kanyou changed road boundless once upon a time. Whether has golden price happened turn situation, be about to stride boundless Xiong Tu? Reach such conclusion still lacks sufficient argument apparently.

Review the matter of callback of epicycle gold price, the mainest decision force remains dollar and crude oil. Experienced nearly 7 years drop after situation, dollar index is in the explore below the middle ten days of a month is low in July 71.31 bits, in the course a week controls dish after rectifying, began to spread out from July 22 beyond of market expect rebound strong, not only strong broke through the 74 main drag around, more trade in 7 when arrived 11 days on August 1 the violent wind that rises continuously was performed to rise prices among day, among them on August 8 more the oldest odd-numbered days that created 7 years to come goes up. What rise to answer relatively with the dollar is capital on commodity market smoke leave and of commodity price considerably callback, in same time interval, extent of callback of CRB commodity index is adjacent 20% .

Say epicycle dollar rises unexpected, because from the economy of American itself expression looks,be, do not have the evidence that appears to improve significantly, the element more that drives a dollar to rise comes from the area that be not the United States. Give now to slip as data of economy of Europe of the 2nd quarter, include euro, pound, bay yuan inside a series of moneys begin a callback, the bad performance of economy of the region that be not the United States gave a dollar the power that takes instead, the risk of slowdown of the economy inside global limits makes Central Bank of a lot of countries is faced with lower interest the pressure that stimulative economy increases.
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