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Danger endowment stock invests dash forward decrease 181 billion check oneself l

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Insurance fund regards stock market as important orgnaization, behave first half of the year more picture chase after go up the person that kill dropping agitate bureau

Chen Guang of reporter of weekly of conduct financial transactions / civil

"Check asset risk oneself, the capital structure current situation that should get clear authority namely after all how, have a problem, the problem has how old. " personage of interior of Shanghai insurance company tells a reporter.

This personage indicates " asset risk is checked oneself " , was on August 20 China protects inspect to be able to allot " the announcement that about beginning insurance capital fund managed the spot to check the work 2008 " , the meeting that keep watch is carried out with risk management and system for the key, ask the orgnaization reports risk of foreign currency asset to check report and risk of investment capital fund to check a report oneself oneself before August 25 related each, management of insurance capital fund appears in the newspaper to check a report oneself before August 31.

" announcement " after releasing, be met do empty A to keep watch by understanding for a time, to this, capital of the meeting that keep watch applies a relevant controller urgent and clear give deny.

Of insurance fund fan bureau

Insurance fund, the investment that regards stock market as other perhaps market weighs a head, have the proportion that comparative, its every act is met tremendous to capital market generation influence. Be sure first half of the year however in light of the expression of capital, it more picture chase after go up the person that kill dropping agitate bureau.

Up to this year first half of the year, insurance fund invests a stock (equity) investment is two hundred and ninety billion five hundred and forty million yuan, relatively the end of the year reduced one hundred and eighty-one billion and twenty-three million yuan substantially last year. Reduce the held investment that still insurance fund invests fund to go up in negotiable securities considerably. Up to by June, insurance fund throws one hundred and eighty-five billion five hundred and forty million yuan on fund of negotiable securities investment,

"To insurance fund, in obtain yield while the obligation that also had market of stable and whole capital, be sure that is to say in other words capital cannot resemble small medicinal powder door informal in that way easily chase after go up kill drop, it should act as the part of a bumper, soare in the stock market what the stock market should maintain when steeping fall is smooth. " the personage inside some insurance thinks, since epicycle ox city, insurance fund gives the person's impression the role that is not bumper of a market it seems that, however one is aided go up aid dropping part, when prices is good desperately pull litre, and when the market inverts blindly check inventory, lost inherent action.

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