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Fund company collective is applied press an Agriculture Bank to move cost rate t

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Cheng Manqing of reporter of negotiable securities times

Report from our correspondent in August end, the Agriculture Bank announces to go against city to increase a net to go up to sell fund continuously since September 1 explain after purchasing cost, urgent " step on brake " will adjust delay to the end of this month. Because involve fund company to amount to more than 40, many fund companies are being released after adjusting announcement, have not enough time to issue delay announcement, bring about appear company of same day fund is released " adjust " reach " delay is adjusted " announcement of conflicting of two kinds of content, 7 fold and 4 fold explain buy cost to lead coexistence of two kinds of different version.

The reporter learns, at present fund company collective is applied to the Agriculture Bank pressure, requirement general 4 fold favourable delay to come the end of next year. And to this disturbance, the personage inside course of study thinks, this disturbance backside, it is current actually be issued by bank forestall situation in sale channel, the intense rich that fund company and bank forestall just spread out weichis.

One foot " brake " tread out is confused

Information of Agriculture Bank website shows, jin Sui gets stuck to had been aimed at 49 fund company to open fund to sell business continuously at present, right all the time inside the time that is as long as two years fund explain buy execute front cost to lead 4 fold, low to the privilege of 0.6% . In August end, the Agriculture Bank informs fund of the company, since September 1 will favourable extent rises to 7 fold, share 32 fund company to issue relevant announcement early or late.

But as a result of the Agriculture Bank subsequently abrupt " step on brake " , only 8 fund company is driven before adjusting day to release " lengthen 4 lose privilege " announcement, company of other major fund has not enough time to send announcement afresh. "To fund company, adjust cost rate to have a complex process, need adjusts the system, report that draft, inspect signing up for card to be able to sign up for equipment through interior, publish announcement to wait, the adjustment that relapses so inside short time makes a person unaware. " inspector general of department of market of company of a fund of Shanghai expresses to the reporter.

Appeared to block settle accounts with the Agriculture Bank likewise on the market at present, exist however 7 fold and the 4 appearances that change two kinds of different version, investor breathes out continuously accordingly " make dizzy " . Market department inspector general is narrated to express before, at present this company is faced with be in a dilemma to choose, if change afresh,answer 4 lose privilege, to the month first a few days ago with 7 lose privilege explain for bought investor inequitable; But if do not change, face other still execute the 4 fund person of the same trades that lose privilege, this company oneself also feels to have pressure.
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