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Course of study of the 3rd buy

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Property level: First class
Bay area: 100-200 square metre
What belong to trade group: 3 yuan of bridges
Hire carry out trends: Sell
Decorate a state: Menu type
Building category: Tower
Property address: Sunny area 3 Yuan Qiaoshu light on the west in armour 1 (Yuan Xuelian cashmere sweater factory)
Link line position: 3 to 4 annulus
Traffic situation: Be apart from the subway 10 lines 150 meters. Xiang Na walks 5 minutes to have 21 public transportation line namely, south by west is 3 annulus 7 minutes namely on foot advocate district station, public transportation line is substantial.
Develop business: Limited company of estate of Beijing Heng Yanghua grand
Sell certificate: Word of card of Beijing room carry out (2003)102 date
Selling office address: Project spot