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Xin center looks at river garden

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Property category: Average house period room
  builds a category: Board tower is united in wedlock
  decorates a state: Semifinished product
Address of   property: The area that include a river looks at Jiang Lu and mouth of across of old loose way (plant area of factory of former starlight watch)
  all valence: 4700 yuan / square metre
  develops business: Course of study of place of Anhui Xin garden limited company
  opens to booking licence: 20070585 [opens to booking licence entirely]
Address of   selling office: Hefei mayor Jiang Zhonglu 528 (on the school that save a group, the urban district reveals a center)
Phone of building of   carry out: 0551-5273333
Time of   open quotation: 2007-09-22
  cubage leads: 2.70 [is led about cubage]
  afforest leads: 41.50% [is led about afforest]
State of   floor: Multilayer, high level [entire floor state]
Situation of   transportation: 8, 108, 111, 120, 145, 150, 163, 705
  project introduces: &• of Ldquo; Xin center hopes river garden ” is located in Hefei city to mature south 7 old the city zone board piece, be located in central the city zone rare be short of —— of a sector of an area to look at Jiang Lu 275 (factory of watch of starlight of former Hefei city) , in iron on 4 bureaus, border with the college such as university of Chinese science and technology, Hefei industry university, have rich educational resource. Community is apart from south 7 trade group needs ten minutes only on foot, circumjacent life form a complete set is very complete, communication is easy. Road of yellow hill of —— of highway of landscape of park of northing Hefei city makes an appointment with 1000 meters, situation is very advantageous, it is the good land of noble life. Total floor area makes an appointment with 170 thousand square metre.
• of center of Xin of   “ hopes river garden ” will make full use of resource of original and natural zoology, with the high level the building is given priority to, structure style is classic as shirt-sleeve as contemporary photograph, horizon line outline is perfect, ave of drive guest phoenix tree, high-grade business affairs is garden of test of group of meeting place, group, humanitarian the Cheng Hui of set each other off such as landscape essay. The • of “ Xin center after building looks at river garden ” will be a plentiful the move is contemporary concept of science and technology and humanitarian consideration, having deep historical culture intention already, live at contemporary person aptly again, having full-bodied artistic atmosphere already, be full of sweet and auspicious life atmosphere again, the four seasons if spring, exuberant central the city zone is large and exalted community of humanitarian experience garden.