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Rich force Morgan center

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Property level: First class
Bay area: 133-360 square metre
What belong to trade group: Two wide aves
Hire carry out trends: Sell
Decorate a state: Clothbound is repaired
Property address: Bridge of happy and carefree of the 2 annulus austral announce military division is northerly 800 meters (park of booth of happy and carefree east door northeast side)
Link line position: 2 annulus less than
Traffic situation: 14, 15, 40, 59, 102, 613, 724, 819, 854, 100 benefit treasure 102 wait for many public transportation line and subway 5 4 lines, lines
Develop business: Rich force (Beijing) landed development limited company
Sell certificate: 50 years of property right: Word of card of Beijing room carry out (word of card of carry out of room of 2007)17 date, Beijing (2005)328 date