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Chancheng the fitness room at the end of the first batch of completed low-rent

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Nanfang Daily News on Saturday, held Chancheng 2010 allocation of affordable housing lottery spot, 263 low-income families Chouqu the security room, and is expected to be collected before the Chinese New Year to the new house keys. According to reports, these security room can be sold for the first type Chancheng the fitness room, prices cheaper than the market for at least half. Will be held next month, low-rent housing Chancheng ballot spot. 263 families drawn elevator floor It is reported that participation in the placement of affordable housing, housing problems by drawing lots, will stay at the Grand Street benefiting Chancheng Park Area. The district built 628 units of affordable housing, to move back to room 192 sets of buildings are elevator buildings, each family housing area control of 60 square meters. There are also kindergartens, property management center and a public green space, with a total construction area of over 70,000 square meters. Foshan Land and Water Authority Board Urban Fellows Bacillus said there were plans to build 2,800 Chancheng security room sets end of the year 2285 will address the housing problems of low-income families. The benefits of the Grand Street Community Garden is the first Chancheng the fitness room project, are the elevator floor. The project will be completed by the end of this year, when the handover with basic decoration, 263 low-income families will be together with the first batch of ballot earlier this year by the fitness room users, Grand Street, Chancheng stay together by the fitness room project. It is reported that the project's main construction projects have been completed, repair of park construction is, these two groups of a total of 554 housing for needy families can stay at the new house before the Spring Festival. Cheaper than the market price at least half of Both of these security room elevator room, the price is higher? Property management fees? Can the loan to buy? The problem is that many families in the draw the focus of attention. According to Bacillus introduction, building and property management unit subject to cost accounting and other fees, the price department approval and other procedures can be finalized. "Guangzhou's average price for 4100-4600 by the fitness room yuan / square meters, our fitness room price will be cheaper than Guangzhou, and at least half cheaper than the average residential city." Bacillus said before the Spring Festival will formally announce the sale of price. "We are currently linked with the banks to develop programs, What is the down payment if the interest rate banks offer so you need to make your decision." Bacillus clear that the seizure of affordable housing can be purchased through a bank mortgage, if some families can not afford to buy Check the security in the form of rental housing. Part of the ballot are still calls "can not afford" Also, buy the fitness room of the family, within 5 years can only have a temporary property rights, can not conduct its own sale. If you pay after 5 years after the land transfer, the house can become a fully private property rights. The official said even if the fitness room price will be at least half the price than the market, but an interview with reporters at the scene indicated the number of members of the public "can not afford." Many citizens have said that even if reduced to 4,000 yuan / square meter still can not afford. Tang a company security personnel and more on high-grain 7 ballot arrived the scene, his current wife and daughter rented in a small room without interval. He would like to have a separate room in a house will help kids do their homework. "I pay 1,000 yuan a month now absolutely can not afford a house, and intend to rent-to-down, waiting for the ability to buy time." Tang said high food, water, my heart was 2,000 yuan a square meter price. It came into retirement living alone said that if required to pay 4.98 yuan per month / square meter rent, plus property management fees, which will be a greater cost, he will choose to continue renting in the same place.