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Alumna looks for a room to encounter sham landlord touchs petty gain to eat to h

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“ wants to regret really now, to save cost of 90 yuan of intermediary, was cheated 1200 yuan unexpectedly. The Xiaowu's girl that ” university is about to graduate looked for a portion to work, go to the lavatory to go to work, the decision leases a building. At the beginning of May, she comes to friendship ave an intermediary company.

Who knows to just arrived at the door intermediary, one middleaged woman walked over. “ girl, do you lease a building? ” sees Xiaowu nods, this woman is busy say, oneself have a house on friendship ave, can take her now, “ if you are satisfactory, can enter immediately. ” then, below the company of “ hostess ” , xiaowu saw that ring room: One room one hall, neat and bright, furniture is basic also and all ready. “ house leaves my unit quite close not to say, 300 yuan chummage is cheap also. ” the following day, xiaowu calls to “ hostess ” early, express to want to lease this next buildings. In communicating this, xiaowu made a “ that lets her want to regret up to now clever ” decision: She offers to “ hostess ” , do not pass intermediary company, however both sides signs the contract that rent a house under the counter, I think “ , can save cost of 90 yuan of intermediary so. ”“ hostess ” expresses to agree at once. Paying 3 months rent 900 yuan are mixed after 300 yuan of cash pledge, small Wu Shunli lived to go in.

On May 20, the Xiaowu that sleeping in the home by knock sound sleeps lightly hurriedly. Open a door, she saw a new lady. “ who are you, why can you live here? Ms. ” new asks. Through chatting, xiaowu is informed the ability that stands before oneself is true landlord, and the “ hostess ” that signs a contract with her at the outset, it is a tenement of this house only actually.

After be informed the truth, xiaowu dialed the mobile telephone of “ hostess ” immediately. Her mobile phone became “ unexpectedly spacing. ” now, xiaowu wants to continue to hire this to cover a house, have to sign a contract afresh, pay a room cost and cash pledge and intermediary fee afresh, can move out only otherwise. “ did not see even her house property card and id card, alas! ”