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2010 apply for public housing urban low-rent end of 183 new applicants has not

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This morning, the reporter learned from the Urban Construction Bureau BMS, 2010, the first city to apply for family housing security has been vetted, and publicity over. The user review of new applications a total of 525 households, of which 342 approved, 183 applications for families by income, housing area exceeding other reasons rejected in the low-rent housing outside. In addition, the annual review of the 837 households in low-rent housing, 79 withdrew bec ause of the conditions to improve low-rent housing. According to reports, this year, a total of 525 families apply for the urban low-rent housing guarantee, after review, there are 342 new applications a family households by the Urban Construction Bureau, the Municipal Supervision Bureau, the Municipal Finance Bureau, the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, City Federation of Trade Unions, the city Disabled Persons Federation, the relevant district offices (township people's government) the joint review, and through publicity. These residents will enjoy low-rent housing guarantee; another 183 applications for family income and other reasons for not approved. This reporter learned that in 2010, low-cost housing for needy families to enjoy the protection of the application conditions further relaxed. Application objects, including low-cost housing, guaranteeing low-cost housing to apply for family and non-low-rent housing to apply for family subsistence allowances. Among them, guaranteeing that families apply for low-rent housing to meet the appropriate economic conditions, household conditions, housing conditions must be met is no housing or by family members, terms of per capita housing floor space below 18 square meters. A family of non-subsistence allowances in addition to meet the low-rent housing and housing conditions, household conditions, economic conditions must be met to obtain Federation of Trade Unions issued a "hardship license" or a family member last year at 812 yuan per capita monthly income below. Housing security area = 18 square meters per capita × number of family members - a family of existing housing area. Implemented this year are still the main issues the rental housing subsidies, and rent relief Shiwupeizu supplemented form of housing security. It is understood that this year due to further relax the eligibility criteria, the number of applicants exceeded the original scheme in households, but as long as a family meet the conditions of housing security applications, will enjoy the low-cost housing security, to achieve "as the cities." This year will also give priority to the urban area of 100 acres of land, new housing prices, low-cost housing and public rental housing 10 million square meters, can accommodate 1000 to form a more "home" district.