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Fine house is rental (saddle hill road and look at mouth of Jiang Lu across)

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The price: 1100 yuan
Bedroom: 2 bedrooms
Area: 80 smooth rice
This room is residence of small high level, the two rooms inside house one hutch protects one office, there is simple furniture inside house, brand-new stage of curtain of table of wooden floor, desk, bed, kitchen, be born, treat with leniency, phone, finite TV, water heater, rising sun,
Brief outfit is clean inside house, the safety inside the village is elegant, equipment of elevator, fitness waits, traffic is here convenient, giving village doorway is station shop sign, have 138 road, 141, 902, 8, 27, 163, 124
Etc, be located in near the village to on the west 200 meters are Wei Gang, shopping recreation manages a place more, xiang Na institute of 50 meters of traffic, environmental grace, xiang Na is blessing adding up to the home 150 meters shopping square and bank are a lot of office worker etc,
The person that do poineering work reachs live and optimal a sector of an area.

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