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Large building of sweet river international is single by triumphal square apartm

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The price: 1000 yuan
Bedroom: 1 bedroom
Area: 50 smooth rice
1 room 1 hall 1 hutch type of 1 Wei Haohua hotel is lone apartment, 24 hours of security personnel, grace of environment of apartment of 4 stars class is easy. It is the high-grade village that suits office worker and sweethearts to live quite, be located in region of core of new station area, communication is easy, also can make office. With yuan big market of city of black dress of one times square, victory square, Bai Ma, the four seasons, Anhui, railway station, long-distance station, travel station needs 5-10 only on foot minute. There is large supermarket all round, couplet of capital of the Le Fu that be like the home, Woerma, north, have everything that one expects to find of all life recreation establishment.
Draw near the communication outside the city inside city of traffic of square of railway station, station, victory is special and easy, public transportation course can lead to Hefei anyplace
Establishment of indoor form a complete set has: Ambry of color television, washing machine, furniture, new bed, whole, water heater (the articles for daily use on the belt can be entered) , hire 1000 yuan / month, other condition bargain. Be like intended person contact please 13965044688 (Miss Bao)

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