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2 flatlet borrow favourable Shanghai standard to may be average per capita 32.2

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The message says, this area announces for Shanghai statistic bureau last year data of area of housing of average per capita

How do 2 flatlet borrow the ” of area of housing of “ average per capita that involves in policy to calculate? The reporter understands, bureau of silver-colored inspect of branch of Shanghai of Shanghai real estate department, Central Bank, Shanghai allotted relevant announcement, the pertinent question that checks area of borrower family housing to registering information system through the building gave clear.

This announcement did not make clear the standard of area of housing of average per capita directly, but the message says, shanghai consulted area of housing of average per capita of year end of statistical bureau “2007 the data of ” of 32.2 square metre. This is meant under this standard, hopeful the privilege that wins a flatlet to borrow.

Housing information must be declared according to the facts

The reporter took this announcement from some bank, the announcement explains, borrower and housing of domestic member application borrow money, need inquires the family already registered housing area case, ought to declare to loan bank according to the facts, classics after examining, trade to city estate the center applies for to inquire. Estate trades after the center is accepted, inquiry result is issued inside 5 weekday.

In the data that submits in borrower, need fills in according to the facts domestic member information and circumstance of building of under one's name, involve borrower, spouse and minor children. In the meantime, borrower needs commitment, nonexistent omit the condition that declare, assume relevant responsibility.

Shanghai standard or for 32.2 square metre

The standard of ” of area of housing of “ average per capita of concerned Shanghai, appeared the view of two kinds of version, it is 32.2 square metre; Another is 33 square metre. The reporter seeks advice to hot line of customer service of branch of Construction Bank Shanghai at this point yesterday, fail to receive the statement of ” of area of housing of “ average per capita. But the personage inside course of study introduces, 32.2 square metre are Shanghai last year area of housing of town dweller average per capita, it is Shanghai statistic bureau is in " national economy and society developed statistical bulletin 2007 " in the data that publish. And the bulletin of Beijing says, usable floor area of housing of average per capita of dweller of year end town 20.3 square metre. The area of average per capita of Beijing's affirmatory 26.6 square metre, be more than the data that Beijing statistic bureau publishs.
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