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The Asia is not excavate to meet: Area of core of kilometer of the 7.5 square in

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The reporter is not the know on excavate technology exhibition and seminar ” from the “2008 Asia that holds today, henceforth, inside Shanghai core line in order to start the area of core of the city zone of center of 7.5 square kilometer of the relevant road inclose such as fine creek road, weather eye road, will not allow viatic 2 times “ opens chamber ” . Although want to begin construction of relevant underground cop to the road inside afore-mentioned sensitive area, also should use newest blame excavate technology to give as far as possible carry out, fall the influence of traffic of vivid to city the people's livelihood, the city zone to lowest.

According to statistic, up to by 2007, the road total length inside Shanghai core line already achieved 1096 kilometers, road gross area makes an appointment with 21.47 million square metre. And annual the road area that road and cop construction have nearly 10% to control by excavate, shanghai is determined to want to reduce the area that dig a way about the respect, in order to improve urban appearance, best choice uses blame excavate technology namely.

Shanghai is not Yang Zhiming of secretary-general of excavate technology association to express, the project of blame excavate construction of Shanghai holds the proportion of gross of project of subterranean cop construction, already from 2001 of the bottom 0.2% rise 20% to the end of 2007, raised 100 times full. 2010, this target will be achieved 30% , be equivalent to be not length of cop of excavate technology construction to hold the proportion of length of construction manager line namely, achieve the international of 15% thereby average level.