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Hair change appoint report of house value analysis brings controversy yesterday

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Hair change appoint price department goes to house price situation the housing after the “ part city that make is adjusted through a paragraph of periodTradeWill pick up somewhat, price of 2 quarters house rises pressure is increased, valence whole will maintain countrywide room to rise blandly the judgement of trend ” causes the market intense echo. Yesterday, when the personage inside many course of study is accepting newspaper of Shanghai negotiable securities to interview, express, the pressure that house price rises still exists really. Important is to hold to adjusting control, prevent ” of hard-land of building city occurrence “ .

Be in “ to sway it seems that to at present the building city in ” , hair change appoint the report that the price manages was not shown piece see weak attitude, think liquidity is excess, the RMB appreciates, rise of material and labour cost quickly, stock market capital withdraws in great quantities and reentry building city, dweller waits for an element to be able to be opposite into city after wait-and-see end house price is formed rise pressure. Nevertheless, because the topic is sensitive,the likelihood is, the reporter discovers yesterday, this a report that for “ circumstances of housing market value analyses ” first quarter already from hair change appoint official website is removed.

But, the market did not end to the comment of house price. “ I think to report each respect reason of the analysis is objective existence, house price continues to rise blandly also can affirm, just should treat rebounding range more. ” concerns an official of the branch to say frankly to newspaper of Shanghai negotiable securities yesterday. He points out, look on the whole, the problem of insecurity of building city supply demand relations has not been solved effectively, although “ of building city situation is austere,eye forehead divides a city ” , but basically be purchasing power lasts wait-and-see, once rigid demand enters town,meet get warm again after a cold spell, when arriving, be afraid of is “ house price should rise, everybody does not block ” , so now only exert oneself stabilizes room value, prevent to appear to rise too quickly trend.

Price of house of “ report judgement continues to rise actually just report gives a government to hope to strengthen adjusting control, because in the center of know house price rises pressure is very great, want to hold position of ’ of high pressure of a ‘ so. ” bless power Xue Jianxiong of director of estate research center thinks so. He also approve of, contradiction of supply and demand is the key with afraid government, many what “ house builds, and land is supplied go up not to go again, even if increasing supply also is the ability after two years can enter town, so short-term inside control demand first only, if pass the 2nd
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