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Common housing frequency meets with " turn blame " standard of awkward appraise

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Citizen plum gentleman is changed in Jiangsu road, announce 10 years of a 47 square metre, above are had near the road the husband room of room age, now, to change a bigger house, he is hanging out his shingle in planning move sell. Arrived intermediary there ask, sell a house even capture business tax. Mr Li indissolubles, and the answer that comes from authoritative branch is, trade unit price exceeded 17500 yuan, the basis concerns a provision, this house is belonged to be not average house. According to the reporter understanding arrives, rise as house price, ” of similar “ general turns the example of “ blame ” is absent a few.

General room brings into the room that be not general

Shanghai government can enjoy the common housing level of favourable policy at was being promulgated in May 2005, must satisfy 3 requirements at the same time: Ratio of volume of residential village building is in 1 above; Sheet covers floor area to be under 140 square metre; Clinch a deal actually the price under trade on average with the housing on level land the price 1.44 times the following, be located in core line less than under seventeen thousand five hundred yuan / square metre, between core and outer shroud under 10 thousand yuan / square metre, beyond outer shroud line under 7000 yuan / square metre. Do not accord with above standard all be be not common housing.

However, whether did such standard arrive to return same get the desired result today?

The reporter went in Min a few days ago area Shen villageThe subwayThe understanding when be being interviewed near the square austral the station arrives, the square austral station of subway of distance Shen village only of 100 meters YaoGood life Luming encloseds ground for growing trees, secondly period next month wants formal open quotation, this room just can make a room in year 2009, even if is such, light opens to booking valence to be about to call 17000 yuan / square metre. Not only such, be located in the Shen village area beyond outer shroud, border south, the Lou Panjun price of boreal square basically is in 10 thousand yuan of above, adjacent area basically cannot find the room under 7000 yuan.

Many house property personages express, see today's house only with price condition, in all previous classics after house price violent wind of two years rises, core 30 thousand yuan, in annulus 20 thousand yuan, outer shroud 10 thousand yuan pattern is clear with each passing day, and the house in interval of price of house of “ standard ” is already very few. More important is, rise as house price, these former common buildings are brought into be not common housing.
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