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Shanghai carries out living card to make a farmer be versed in the problem gets

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The joint meeting of job of Shanghai peasant worker that held a few days ago the 5th times the plenary session comes out message, shanghai general advance in the round implement living card system, regard a key that peasant worker worker works this year as the task.

Shanghai farmer is versed in working joint meeting announces about chief, will strengthen construction of platform of living evidence information this year, include natural resources of news of worker worker of farther integrated peasant to wait, create advantage to push living card institution in the round. In the meantime, will pay attention to basic level of play street, town to serve the function of the window, for the farmer labour deals with living card to provide more convenient, excellent service.

It is reported, shanghai still is doing good farmer to be versed in obtain employment grooms this year, the respect such as filial education strengthens the job. Groom in obtain employment respect, will fulfil principle of fair obtain employment, build the labour market of uniform standard, form the system of obtain employment of equality of urban and rural laborer. The respect is taught in children, will raise a farmer to be versed in children is in fair education stage by stage school the scale that reads. In addition, will guide the unit that use worker worker to be offerred through free, cheapRent, the means such as housing rent subsidy solves living condition of peasant industry living problem and improvement, cogent do good farmer to be versed in the disease prevents control and job of immunity of children of of the right age, the family planning that brings into the family planning that the farmer is versed in Shanghai runs a system.