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Strengthen housing accumulation fund to manage special processing job to divide

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The 7 branches such as housing and ministry of urban and rural construction released a few days ago " the executive opinion that strengthens housing accumulation fund to manage special processing to work about beginning " put forward, strengthen housing accumulation fund to manage cent of special processing job to undertake for 4 phase.

The opinion puts forward, the first phase does by wind of correct of housing and ministry of urban and rural construction, the State Council, arrange of bank of people of censorial ministry, Ministry of finance, China, audit, silver-colored inspect is met 7 branches comprise the whole nation to strengthen housing accumulation fund government is special processing job heads a group, be in charge of coordinating the major problem that studies special processing works and system construction. Each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government establishs corresponding job orgnaization, specific and responsible our region is special processing works; Each establish area town special processing job is in charge of by urban people government, city housing accumulation fund is in charge of appoint can want to assist local government to had done special processing work.

The 2nd phase makes be checkinged oneself check an edge to change from correct, edge. Accumulation fund of the superintendency orgnaization of various housing accumulation fund, city that establish a division is in charge of appoint the unit such as meeting and accumulation fund center, should mix according to national policy code this program requirement, make check oneself from correct work program, make clear working job, requirement and measure. Want to search a question seriously, analyse a reason deep, the edge checks an edge to change. To the policy sex problem that exists generally major problem wants etc to report to upper superintendency section; Violate discipline badly to what investigate to violate a case to should report in time to office of countrywide special processing.

The 3rd phase undertakes supervisory checking, advance rectify and reform. Each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government is special processing job orgnaization, should check oneself in the light of each district inform against the problem that complains report to have conduct a thorough investigation from correct circumstance and masses, strengthen supervisory examination, help each district perfects relevant system, jam administrative flaw; To the problem of existence, the make known to lower levels when wanting to reach rectifies and reform opinion book, instruct deadline to rectify and reform; To rectifying and reform still unqualified, should give notice of criticism; Be not rectified and reform to refus or the problem is serious, want to investigate the duty of relevant responsibility person.

The 4th phase is summary analysis, consolidate gain level. Various places should work through special processing, the good way in noticing accumulation fund of housing of summary, promotion manages and experience; In the light of search the issue that give, farther perfect, perfect system, work up has the lasting effect mechanism that strengthens management of housing accumulation fund.
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