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Shanghai classics decides floor area of average per capita at the beginning of s

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AfterwardsEconomy is applicable roomAfter be about to open the word that build to come out, application level is initial already also protocol, difficult citizen leaves housing to go up the desire of bridal chamber close one pace. The reporter learned from concerned branch yesterday, accord with floor area of average per capita 14 square metre income of month of the following, average per capita under 2100 yuan and domestic finance capital is 200 thousand yuan of the following family, namely qualified application economy is applicable room.

It is reported, applicable room project will be in first economy that builds centrally bay of Yang Pu river, Song JiangGu Cun of Si short for the Jinghe River, treasure mountain, south collect Zhou Pu and boat head, Min Hangpu the area that the traffic such as river, green Pu Huaxin compares establishment of form a complete set of convenient, life to be perfected relatively optional location. Current, preliminary fulfilled 1.6 million square metre, among them city is belonged to as a whole base makes an appointment with 1.2 million square metre, city stage business maintains base to make an appointment with 400 thousand square metre, already began now pre-construction works, strive 2 quarters start working is built this year.

According to divulging, join the case that society of this city economy develops, the admittance standard of object of applicable room application is Shanghai economy: Floor area of domestic average per capita 14 square metre income of month of the following, average per capita capital of finance of 2100 yuan of the following, families under 200 thousand yuan. The reporter understands, when application job is begun, will execute “ 3 class examine and verify, 2 level are general show ” system, to according with the applicant that buys a condition, build register annulus await book, adopt round of idea that await to supply.

Solve housing likewise of difficulty doorCheap rents a housePolicy also had new progress. The plan inside year relaxes level of income of month of domestic average per capita to 800 yuan the following, brigadier of mark of admittance of domestic finance capital from now every relax 30 thousand yuan below to 90 thousand yuan the following.