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Huang Pu cancels house property tough policy is secondhand the room trades stop

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Area of Shanghai yellow riverside cancels house property to trade sadly tough policy

20% secondhand the room trades stop after duty half moon proof

From come on stage to cancel, be less than half month time, impress of area of Shanghai yellow riverside is secondhand the room trades the policy of duty cancelled sadly.

On July 2, media reported estate of area of Shanghai yellow riverside trades the center begins to press impress of house price difference 20% secondhand the room trades the message of duty. Subsequently this message is released by a lot of network media, not small disturbance is caused in house property bound.

Be in a few days only however in, the thing produced change suddenly however.

We just received “ yesterday announcement, yellow riverside area is secondhand the room collects the policy of 20% duty compulsively to had cancelled. ” becomes a journalist Xiang Hanyu is landed on July 9 external the Sun Wenqin of Liaison Division affirms whether Han Yu receives estate of Huang Pu area to trade the center is formal when article, she tells a reporter so however.

This is a what kind of policy, why are such “ fast-moving Where is ” ?

Who published this policy?

As we have learned, the main content of this regulation is: Every is in inside yellow riverside area after 2008 those who obtain house property evidence is secondhand trade room source, no matter whether does landlord offer primary value bill, need according to trade average and buy between of balance 20% impose a tax strictly.

Although be an area only inside trade policy, but the reaction of the market is very strong still. News be in the news goes out the following day, have many citizens and medium to trade the center enquires this policy is specific the detailed rules that carry out.

Our client worries about “ to whether can be popularized in whole town very much. The expropriation of duty Wu can increase house property to trade cost, bring about the addition of the cost that buy a house possibly also. Wang Kaiqi of business manager of branch of river of boast of property of ” beautiful couplet expresses.

Figure in everybody whether this policy can be popularized in whole town in succession however, the thing produced change suddenly. Yellow riverside area trades the center is denied have this policy, undertook refuting a rumor.

When the reporter sought advice to Shanghai real estate department with average citizen identity on July 9, respect of real estate department expresses and did not publish this one policy. The reporter calls bureau of Shanghai wealth tax, relevant staff member expresses, total bureau of Shanghai wealth tax did not have section of tax of wealth of Xiang Huangpu region to allot relevant file July. The staff member still expresses, also be the policy that section of tax of each region wealth makes inside area under administration likely, it is by each the area comes to those who carry out make.
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