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Disappeared around the room on rent Rent Expo 30% decline

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Once during the Expo Expo rising rental market has recently emerged around the plate quickly, "fever" phenomenon. Xinmin reporter visited the intermediary stores and found that not only dramatically dropped by nearly 30% of the rent, who is also popular on rent Almost disappeared, and the landlord turned to long-term tenants. 21 Shi Ji Ruifeng branch manager of the South Yangsi Xinmin WANG Jian told reporters that as many rental tenants because of the Expo will surrender, so the home listed for rent landlord recently increased significantly, while the And rents decline of nearly 30%. "Most of the above specified 6 months looking for the long-term lease, while the day before the rent was almost common to see it." He said the phenomenon is expected to surrender there will be concentrated in November. Landlord who is consulting shop, told reporters she was ready to be in the hands of a small 50 square meter to 2,100 yuan per month two- bedroom rental price. "This house is 3,100 yuan a month before, inside a rented park Local museum staff. "It is understood that her husband is currently in the region of 50 square meters room rent two rooms in the 2000-2300 per month, and 05 times around 90 square meters of new houses rent two rooms in the 5,000 or so, before the Expo to return to the basic Considerable. In the high-end properties, the rental situation down there. According to Han-yu real estate data provided by the stores, in October so far, leasing large decline in Shimao Riviera Garden, 70% of turnover; quality better Yanlord Garden leasing volume is also down about 50%. Shihong Rui Han Yu, Managing Director of the Newman Real Estate Network reporter said, is expected to end with the World Expo, Shanghai Pudong, Puxi Expo affected by the high-end residential properties in the amount of rental prices will begin to fall.