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Shanghai government is departmental the door tries to find out the real intentio

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One depreciates, the wind that return a house churns secretly countrywide building city when, shanghai government is various function branch also immediately respond to a news.

By August since, with in far the two bays city Shanghai center the city zone that is a delegate building dish appear depreciate, 10 thousand divisions depreciate in 8 dishes of Shanghai sales promotion, pulled open Shanghai building city to depreciate it seems that adjust prelusive.

The reporter learns with all possible means, include bureau of silver-colored inspect of management board of natural resources of Shanghai room land, Shanghai, Shanghai to build liaison man appoint and Shanghai public security bureau inside a lot of government sector all started the survey that is aimed at estate market, a gleam of of close monitoring market is dynamic.

"Try to find out the real intention this is a government sector probably, the possibility that short-term and municipal seat of government publishs policy is not very big. " the development business that a near future of Shanghai welcomes governmental survey public figure shows to our newspaper, "But prove to be when instantly building city is fluctuant at least, director branch also does not sit. Director branch also does not sit..

Nevertheless, in eye of main body of another share market, whole of market of Shanghai building city as before smooth, depreciating is individual phenomenon only. The government need not publish any countermeasure that help city.

Much branch tries to find out the real intention building city

Controller of an intermediary orgnaization discloses to our newspaper reporter: "Be in last week, the survey that information of city public security bureau is in member come here, a few buildings that understood group of phenomena that rent a house to be highlighted quite dish circumstance. For example in far two bays city, if do not have group of influences that rent a house, over there all valence will be achieved 25 thousand the left and right sides. Over there all valence will be achieved 25 thousand the left and right sides..

According to divulging, survey personnel says, governmental concerned department is to worry about group of phenomena that rent a house, bring about a few buildings dish will appear kind " slums " phenomenon, affect the integral figure of Shanghai building city.

According to Shanghai bless power monitors data landedly, in Shanghai far two bays city had 29 flatlet source to clinch a deal centrally in August, all valence 13842 yuan / square metre, relatively on year dropped 7200 multivariate / square metre. This is Shanghai center the city zone comes out the earliest depreciating building dish one of.

Also be a week in the past, research organization of an estate of Shanghai recieved the survey that statistic of bureau of Shanghai silver-colored inspect is in. Silver-colored inspect bureau this come round to try to find out the real intention, it is to be upper section to the room that decorate borrows pressure to check and come.
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