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Battalion collects ocean real estate first half of the year 3.2 billion yuan

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On September 10, ocean is landed (business special administrative area, the building below the banner dish) (03377.HK) is released metaphase outstanding achievement reported 2008, up to on June 30, this year first half of the year company turnover relatively the corresponding period soared last year 78% to the RMB 3.247 billion yuan, gross profit more? 1? 7n rises 1.8 times to the RMB 1.412 billion yuan, wool interest rate is as high as 43% , than 2007 the corresponding period rises 15 percent, but company metaphase net profit is 542 million yuan of RMBs, relatively go up retrogression of year of the corresponding period 47.8% , every gain 0.12 yuan of RMBs, company group metaphase ceases 0.03 HK dollar.

Drop to net profit embellish, the explanation of ocean real estate is, main because sold center of trade of world of Beijing triumphant morning first half of the year 2007,50% equity gain one-time special profit 910 million yuan of RMBs, but lacked special gains first half of the year 2008.

Report of metaphase outstanding achievement shows, the 96% comes from area of annulus Bohai Sea sales in turnover of 3.2 billion yuan of RMBs, among them estate development turnover amounts to 3.021 billion yuan, relatively the corresponding period grew 78% 2007; Beijing still is ocean real estate main turnover origin, occupy estate to develop turnover 89% . Period inside, property investment turnover rises 70% reach 56 million yuan, main and indebted the A of center of Beijing ocean international that manages at beginning to throw in July 2007.

It is reported, ocean real estate builds floor area to make an appointment with 431 thousand square metre in all first half of the year, relatively the corresponding period increased 2007 155% . But notable is, period inside the agreement opens to booking the forehead and agreement to open to booking floor area to drop each 23% reach 27% .

According to outstanding achievement report, on June 30, the net indebted rate of the group maintains in 35% relatively inferior level, the cash on the hand is a RMB about 7.9 billion yuan.

"In general credit constrictive circumstance falls, the group still can own the financing pipeline of expedite, low cost and diversification. " president Liming emphasizes ocean real estate.

As we have learned, the loan that ocean real estate reached 4.4 billion yuan to obtained aggregate RMB at home May this year in January.

On August 26, ocean real estate announces the silver-colored group that acquires 215 million dollar at Hong Kong borrows money again, of the battalion carry capital that basically makes a group and prospective project development with.

Li Ming expresses: "Dovish financial standing, let a group can clutch at any time good luck undertakes land is bought, especially the lead position of aggrandizement Beijing and area of annulus Bohai Sea. Especially the lead position of aggrandizement Beijing and area of annulus Bohai Sea..

Li Ming ever disclosed to our newspaper reporter, the company still takes the kind that basically takes annex the land. Before this, company the project of 40% is to pass annex to buy, this scale is in the near future still can maintain. Li Ming says, ocean real estate is striven for increase land every year to lay in 3 million to 4 million square metre.
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