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Investment of double pressure estate is added fast first under 30%

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Estate investment is added compared to the same period fast inside year first under 30% , make clear estate department because market prospect is bleak and lack capital and be in severe pressure under.

Data of national statistic bureau shows, estate investment added 1 ~ compared to the same period August fast from 1 ~ July 30.9% drop to 29.1% .

According to Sun Mingchun of economist of Asia of company of Lei Man's brother calculate, data of estate investment accumulative total produced 1 ~ to drop now August, show August grow to be only compared to the same period 18.9% , far under 37.5% July.

As low as the market confused expression appears abhorrent is, from Feburary 2005 the estate since the portion invests data to look, the estate of the corresponding period invests data this year is calendar year comes however highest.

Central Plains is landed (guest of rich of Central Plains real estate | Place produces news in) (guest of rich of Central Plains real estate | Place produces news in) Li Wenjie of president of China north division (guest of Li Wenjie rich | Li Wenjie news) right " daily of the first finance and economics " the explanation says, estate investment basically includes land capital and construction construction fund, because land capital and construction build a fund,be commonly pay in succession in installment, so investment is being described current there is certain lag on estate market, what its mirror on older rate is last year even the year before last year takes ground height (height rich guest | Height news) the investment state of period.

Since this year, the biggest difficult problem that place of estate development company faces still is capital pressure. As early days become effective of constrictive credit policy, and the bank is in risk of market of estate downturn apprehension, prep above of pressure of estate company capital is other industry. What also was decreased to be bought to land accordingly by the development business that capital tied hands or feet is devoted.

According to the data that ministry of land natural resources provides, countrywide land has first half of the year approaching an in part is clinch a deal with base price wind up, the land lot that more 10% is control flows to pat or shed mark.

A few home's well-known estate company expresses clearly even to want to reduce estate to develop an area. 10 thousand divisions announced in August, will reduce 6.83 million square metre by the 8.48 million square metre of original plan, decrease 19.5% ; In the meantime, complete area also will reduce 5.86 million square metre from the 6.89 million square metre of original plan, decrease 14.9% .

The analysis says Li Wenjie, similar 10 thousand divisions and initiate because such large estate company takes the land more, distribution is wider, glide to the market the risk is relatively sensitive, stem from the strategy to considered to had made the preparation that reduces investment. But to home medium or small estate development company, because the hand is medium the item that needs processing is finite, still be in wait-and-see phase at present, had not observed so the evidence that reduces investment generally. Estate company relies on the annex inside credit and industry inextricability current capital problem, introduce investment to may be become from other industry settle a way.
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