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Farming ground policy is adjusted should comply with development trend

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The report says, on the Boule that was about to hold in October, will be opposite " land management method " it is important to do revise, allow rural collective construction to be on the move lawfully with the ground, be in namely maintain spend changeless premise to fall about active country and collective land tenure, the land that builds a city and country to differ owns the system of unified access, ensure rural collective construction with the ground for legal praedial, its make over a process to also want according to praedial undertake cession, and the land access jurisprudence that also will form the whole nation to unite from this, will reflect equality gender, paid gender, deadline sex. This will be the first pace that steps land reform reform.

The depart of land ownership and right of administration once was reform of our country economic system to make the contribution that initiates a gender, and the domestic couplet that is a foundation with its today is produced contract system of job responsibility has become the block up factor that develops further to manacle our country country however. Economist Zhou Jiren once pointed out: "Both neither of collective state ownership is the private property right of a kind of fair some, collaboration, also not be a kind of real country property, it is control by the country but will bear by collective the country of a kind of China that its control an outcome's peculiar system is arranged " , this kind of system " at the same time loss the person that superintend and laborer the enthusiasm of two respects, its crucial point is national action national serious property right is misshapen " .

Below market economy condition, everything is useful and rare the goods that lack can be traded by the price, although it and active code not agree with. 2005, a of Chinese people university and institute of American country development investigation that is aimed at land of 17 provinces country shows namely, ground of our country farming is on the move invisible the market has been formed stage by stage. Basic level government and people are begged actively change farming ground policy makes the reform be vividly portrayed of countrywide level, but the difficulty that faces now basically has two sides, the first, how to break through the obstacle of active law, code. Our country " land management method " the 63rd specific provision " the access of all land does not get farmer collective sell one's own things, make over or rent with Yu Fei agriculture is built. " additional, " assure law " also farmland, curtilage base, leave hill, plot of land for personal needs to eliminate to be besides the category of gage oneself. Even if just announce carry out " matter right law " also acceded the regulation of land management method, did not admit praedial is complete property right. The 2nd, the social security function of rural land is restricting the play of function of factor of production. Regard social security as the function, ask land allocates on average, adjust regularly, limitation trades; Regard primary factor of production as the function, demand land property right is stable, dimensions is managed, be on the move smooth. Shen Zhi is reformed to farming ground policy in the center of careful, the biggest worry flows to the lost territory that appears possibly namely civilian of the problem anxious, and the attempt of local government also often is the exchange with land access and dweller social security serves as breach.
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