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10 thousand divisions are high-key depreciate seesaw battle of estate city of Ch

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What we care 10 thousand divisions more is not the save oneselfing that produces business personally after all can him bring back to life, when can the house price that stands high above the masses however just be the their respective fall after a rise in saving oneself arrives a normal and reasonable level, make the person buy a house with wait-and-see hesitation new come back. Help lively market only, ability helps whole industry.

Before the Mid-autumn Festival, many Hangzhou citizens got a such short messages, write above: 10 thousand guests can hold water 10 years this year, at mid-autumn during, great kindness of 10 thousand divisions rolled out Hangzhou " the young buy property that 10 thousand guests meet 10 years plans " , mix for young buy course of study first the room source of low total prices of small area of part of concentration of buy estate family has privilege, apparently it seems that, this is short message of a sales promotion only, but be a such short messages, began what 10 thousand divisions are in Hangzhou to depreciate storm.

10 thousand divisions develop in Hangzhou depreciate storm

Begin from September 3, 10 thousand divisions were rolled out in Hangzhou " 10 thousand guests meet 10 years of young people buy course of study plans " , the egret county that develops its east, south egret county, the city of glamour, ease tastes 4 buildings such as cabinet dish, have by a definite date 12 days depreciate sales promotion activity, the sales promotion activity that before depreciating extent exceeded far, develops in Shanghai.

Reporter: "How many flatlet to have probably? "How many flatlet to have probably??

Zhejiang good people of 10 thousand divisions smalls piece of land surrounded by water the project sells advisory Mei Wujun: "Egret county east it is probably 78 or so, 37 are south egret county. 37 are south egret county..

Reporter: "Is that general is the opening price that its price wants to compare us low how many? "Is that general is the opening price that its price wants to compare us low how many??

Mei Wujun: "We present price is go to 6888 yuan 5668 yuan such all price limits, every square metre. Every square metre..

In this Hangzhou of 10 thousand divisions depreciate in sales promotion activity, roll out room source to measure the biggest egret county project that turns a village with respect to the Zhu Wen that count fine, as we have learned, be in south egret county this year May first when open quotation, the price reachs 10000 yuan 7000 yuan in every square metre, on July 20 when the 2nd open quotation, the price went to 7200 yuan to reach 11850 yuan, but present favourable price is every square metre goes to 7000 yuan 6000 yuan, fall on average for 8 fold, and lowermost discount was to achieve more 7.5 fold.

Reporter: "On September 3 the sale status at that time how? "On September 3 the sale status at that time how??

Mei Wujun: "Very hot, probably 449 sales went out that day. Probably 449 sales went out that day..
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