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10 thousand divisions depreciate cause price of house of the disturbance that re

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In addition, 10 thousand divisions are in Nanjing the partial building of and other places dish encounter the disturbance that return a house as much. Respect of 10 thousand divisions ever expressed clearly, although can make allowances for client mood, but mix as a management substance appear on the market company, 10 thousand divisions want to be in charge of to investor and partner, cut company action to must follow contracted principle firstly, accept the any compensation that do not have basis of law, contract, demand that return a house impossibly. 10 thousand divisions express a regret greatly to this, but this one position is impossible to change.

Each heat is discussed

The person that return a house sympathizes with on morality and justice jural without the obligation that return a house

To the action of this attune price of 10 thousand divisions, somebody applauds aloud, also somebody shout abuse. But anyhow, most person thinks this one practice is tremendous to the influence of the market.

Someone says, pan Shige (guest of Pan Shige rich | News of Pan stone towering like a mountain peak) rise in price, Wang Shi (guest of Wang Shi rich | King stone news) depreciate, the heat that drew the whole nation to count media of a hunderd schools fries the attention with social all circles, actually they have same a target, namely as soon as possible room work off. This is the management strategy of the enterprise, falling without lawbreaking premise, do not have cannot.

But also development business thinks, the practice of 10 thousand divisions is very irresponsible, can produce greater harm to the market, will other company depreciates subsequently, pull hard otherwise use a sale. Somebody puts forward: "It is OK to depreciate probably more low-key means undertakes, be like in-house subscribe, or it is to rely on secondhand intermediary undertakes coverting moving price. The anticipation that because depreciate substantially,may allow the market is more pessimistic, be in thereby temporary ' fall clever ' later the sale that enters longer period is dispirited. Be in thereby temporary ' fall clever ' later the sale that enters longer period is dispirited..

Live oneself to those the behavior returning a house of the person that buy a house, most person states to be completely understandable on morality and justice. "If be hundred thousands of yuan, be too big loss really! It is to be worth to sympathize with very much for certain. It is to be worth to sympathize with very much for certain..

But somebody puts forward, if house price falls to return a house, what effect will have through action of price adjustment market so? Is investing house property the bag earns not of compensate? And the person that buy a house ought to buy behavior to be in charge of to his, if 10 thousand divisions set in the be good law on sale link, do not have the other agreement that return a house again, so 10 thousand divisions did not retreat in principle the law of the room is voluntary.

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