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Idle forest building dish 1898 yuan / square Hangzhou exceeds low building dish

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Garden of clear brook of “ Xu Feng, have price 1898 yuan / square metre, borderXi XiMountain villa. ”“ has the ground to have a garden one day in Hangzhou, foreign room orchard lowest 130 thousand yuan one, but settle ”…… is the closest, one batch exceeds low building dish churned the heart of many person that buy a house, somebody thinks this means HangzhouHouse priceIn drop, and the attitude that more people are adopting doubt.

Exceed low building dish people, some of what house be after all? The what that sells after all closes child?

130 thousand yuan garden foreign room orchard, listen go up inviting, actual condition is —— foreign room has 40 square metre only, the orchard has 10 years of access only

Own oneself building, there is oneself garden on the side of the house, idle comes a variety of season fruit vegetables, this is the ideal of a lot of person buy a house that have rural complex. Accordingly, some building is gotten on the mobile phone that becomes Miss Li dish the message that sends, “Buy a houseChild send an orchard, garden foreign room orchard lowest 130 thousand yuan of ” , miss Li is astonied, does “ Hangzhou where still have so cheap house? ”

This hits “ Hangzhou the building of banner of ” of villa of grange of first absolute property right dish, be located inYu HangThe diameter that diameter hill presses down moonlight of pond of · carry on one's shoulder. The northwest ministry that diameter hill is in Hangzhou, crossed bottle kiln even westerly leaves, be in 1 hour or so about with the car Cheng of Hangzhou downtown. First phase of moonlight of pond of carry on one's shoulder already consign, what make sales promotion greatly at present is be about to the source of 2 period rooms of open quotation.

According to the view of personnel of carry out building, moonlight of pond of carry on one's shoulder is project of the pure villa that discharge house originally, property right is 70 years of property right. Because of the country 6 gave “90/70” policy later, because of source of this 2 period rooms door model did very major key is whole, the smallest about 40 square metre, what fall on 90 square metre is not little also, the large family that still has left and right sides of 250 square metre in addition. 130 thousand yuan minimum total prices, those who point to is 40 square metre door model, “ convert comes down to make an appointment with 3300 yuan / square metre ” . Diameter hill takes the project that developing to return preserving and · to depend on Shan Jun, current house price is in 4500~5500 yuan square metre left and right sides.
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