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Ning Bo is secondhand the room clinchs a deal measured annulus comparing to fall

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Yesterday, house property of peaceful wave cityTradeThe center was released 6 area housing of city clinched a deal June this year price information, the new building that clinched a deal in June dish division of state of 80% out Yin, added Lou Panda newly June to go to 13 additionally. InSecondhand roomRespect, clinch a deal quantity annulus glides than continueing 20% above, but clinch a deal the price continues small rise.

Clinch a deal most probably bridal chamber is in Yin city

June, sale of 6 house of area commodity house are 1086, than going up the month increases 79, among them Yin city sells 858 in all, boreal logical sequence 144, town sea 51, and old 3 areas clinch a deal 33 sets only. Yin state division clinchs a deal building dish nearly 80% what hold 6 area sum total of city, as we have learned, this number is not common, in May 2008, yin state division clinchs a deal building dish have more than 500 only, those who hold sum total 50% the left and right sides. The personage inside course of study thinks, the building city that this does not demonstrate Yin state division is in get warm again after a cold spell, it is Yin city house only new open quotation is more just, brought about house of Yin city commodity to clinch a deal the quantity increases somewhat, but the others the commodity house of each area trades quantity and secondhand the room trades the quantity is shown generally glide trend.

Add a floor newly dish gather together appear on the market

City spent a city south the adds division of marketable dawn having the of great capacity newly “ on 6 areas network June 5 plot ” , the area austral the “ Aolin garden of area of river north north 2 period ” , “Kind city new scope of operationCommercial square ” , ” of the ” of center of “ division trade of area of garden of science and technology, edifice of “ green garden, the ” of “ luck garden of Yin state division, “Style town work8, 9 form a delegation ” , “Predestined relationship garden2 period ” , “Ge Lanchun morning1-5, 10-14” , qian Hu goes vacationing east the scene of “ money lake of the area ” of plot of 1#B of Yuan San period, the “ that presses down sea area is diligent Zhuang Fuxin of ” of first phase of square of Hai Zhaobao of town of ” of brave village residence, “ , “ grand garden 2 period storefront ” 13 buildings dish.

As new dish a large number of appearing on the market, 6 districts of end city can make work in June the residence appears to increase considerably, according to systematic statistic putting on record in real time on commodity house net, 6 region houses of end town can make work in June a cycle of songs in a traditional opera is 12138, than going up the month increases 1783, can make work the area is one million four hundred and fifty-one thousand five hundred square metre,
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