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Shenzhen house price drops considerably is a case estate save city to be vogue e

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Nearly a few months of Shenzhen building city drop continuously, the level before house price already declined, trade measure a level before atrophy comes 10 years. Meanwhile, city of building of Beijing, Shanghai also is entered wait-and-see, clinch a deal the quantity decreases considerably. Accordingly, have research report appeal, reduce for “ trade doorsill, encourage and promote estate to trade, stimulative market is active ” , the proposal adopts derate to trade tax cost, the “ that relaxes monetary policy moderately saves city proposal ” .

I think, want sober analysis to this.

Above all, our country estate market bubble is serious in last few years already was the fact that does not dispute, what the government took the price of house of keep within limits of many sided measure such as taxation, finance for this is too fast rise, its purpose is to squeeze a bubble, price allowing a room to return to to reasonable level. But the estate of current and main city trades the price, also be in with respect to Shenzhen drop apparently, and other each are big the city still wanders in perch, still show the sign that rise compared to the same period even. So, from the whole nation character, at present the target of macroscopical adjusting control did not come true, talk about estate to help city premature.

Concrete analysis, of Shenzhen house price dropping considerably is a case only, do not have representative. Alleged a case, the reason already had many scholars to had done an analysis, fault of Shenzhen existence society, estate is for instance real the not big, take credit to oneself in frying lodger to rise in floor price violent wind reachs demand Wei, house price drops have reasonable part.

And, even if is to be in current, each just go to prospective house price situation still difference is bigger. For instance, another name for Yunnan Province of Beijing University Xu celebrates what the professor is apologizing, because superfluous, hot money flows into fluidity,still reiterate its “ wait for a reason, prospective house price still can rise ceaselessly the viewpoint of ” . Each square difference also makes clear, prospective house price goes sign is not clear, the country is right the adjusting control of estate market still cannot lax.

The author does not deny supply demand relations to form medium main effect in house price, but estate serves as a kind of commodity, when we are discussing its value, cannot slant to be worth a level and emphasize supply demand relations one-sidedly from reasonable estimate the action in price process. Estate is measured on international reasonable price adopts house value income to compare normally, think this one index is in commonly 5 to 7 times more reasonable, but with respect to price of house of town of our country a gleam of character, this one ratio often is achieved 20 times the left and right sides, some cities achieve 30 times even.
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