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Beijing first half of the year room city: Pure Luo of grey hair on the neck of a

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Buy the change of room idea as people, in be mixed by ” likewise by inflection point of room city “ the influence of wait-and-see mood issues the person that buy a house, this year first half of the year BeijingSecondhand the room tradesThe case is apparently good trade at skill room circumstance.

As we have learned, 2008 first half of the year of BeijingSecondhand roomTrade gross is thirty-five thousand two hundred and seventy-six, drop compared to the same period 9. 8 % , skill room trades gross thirty-nine thousand eight hundred and twenty-six however relatively the corresponding period dropped last year 36. 1 % .

I love Hu Jinghui of vise general manager of company of broker of my home estate to say, 2008 first half of the year BeijingSecondhand room marketTrade the volume drops somewhat, the price rises a hasten delay. This was last year constrictive policy causes the currency that the end of the year executes building city's fatigued and weak first half of the year this year result, butSecondhand the room tradesThe amount is apparently good at skill room. “ is current, every clinch a deal 1 . 2 skill room can clinch a deal 1 is coveredSecondhand room, one, secondhand the room is narrowing into double ratio exemple. ”

Hu Jinghui says, appear the main reason of this one trend was 2008 build house measure to slant first half of the year little, and it is morePeriod room. Build a room to be beyond 5 annulus mostly, distance city center is further, cannot satisfy go to work partly mostly of go to school live oneself model the demand of the person that buy a house. Contrary, secondhand because the room is in downtown, hold orbit traffic and public transportation traffic again, attracted more and more live oneself the person that the gender buys a house.

A few estateAgentPerson think, secondhand the sense buying a house that this differentia of room and skill room did not show current people is being changed, housing consumption is watched more hasten reality and reason, it is no longer before blame bridal chamber is not bought.