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Shenzhen is new in July dish the sale lasts the small town that confuse a buildi

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A bit of fervent Olympic Games did not drive people to buy enthusiasm fervently, shenzhen building city puts evidence on the ice without be in harmony up to now. Central Plains real estate is newest released research report shows, in firm past in July, shenzhen is all obtain the Lou Panzhong that opens to booking licence, have exceed open quotation of half project defer. In integral floor price small rise while, of the residence clinch a deal the quantity glides once more.

   New dish the sale lasts low fan

Shenzhen building city presented valence to rise a quantity to drop again in July circumstance. Research center data shows deep harbor of Central Plains real estate, shenzhen residence clinched a deal in July all valence is 15565 yuan / square metre, annulus comparing rises 7% . Place produces a research center to think in, all valence basically is to suffer clinch a deal structural influence, the inside Shanghaiguan with higher price increases again into double ratio, and outside Shanghaiguan Lou Pancheng pays an amount less, bring about whole directly all the raise on valence.

The rise of integral price cannot show Shenzhen floor price begins to rebound. On August 2, be located in Baoan area on the west countryside piece the inscription mansion open quotation of the area, all valence 6000 multivariate / square metre, achieve price of this region house new low, also be Baoan center area comes nearly one year partly head of first “6” word is new dish. However, the person that buy a house thinks integral house price still will continue to drop mostly, at the same time periphery is making work new dish of much, sales promotion is much, the sale is not ideal.

On August 9, be located in cloth auspicious piece the Jing Yuan of the area rolls out unit of 20 special offer, have price only 6400 yuan / square metre, compare 6888 yuan when regnant hill rolled out the middle ten days of a month in July / unit of square metre special offer, price falls detective further again. The room of 96 special offer that regnant hill rolls out before uses up with respect to carry out between two climate only, low to living oneself for the guest still be the biggest attraction.

In addition, of Baoan old the city zone the city tastes cabinet to also roll out the outfit that lead essence of life to repair on the west all valence 8700 yuan / the small family of square metre; The Jun Yuelong front courtyard of city of dragon hillock center rolls out many 200 units, the price is close to 9000 yuan / square metre. Other building dish special offer unit, low phenomenon having price also appeared in July again and again building city.

Low remove valence to was not brought clinch a deal of the quantity pick up, place produces data to show in, shenzhen whole town clinched a deal July the residence 248 thousand square metre, annulus comparing decreases 12% , decrease compared to the same period 49% . Among them new dish clinch a deal rate is inferior, have 22.3% only, deduct a few houses that signed subscribe book again, new July dish of autograph those who open to booking a contract is fewer.
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