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Hire a room 20 years to send " room " to enrol behind the curtain of " selling a

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The rent that “ should pay this village floor area to be the bridal chamber by a definite date of 87.5 square metre 20 years only 250 thousand yuan, development business will send him 30 years building leasehold, and this house puts in Mr Zhu 's charge all. ” yesterday, be located in developing zone of Wu Jiang economy day praise the staff member of the garden tells a citizen Mr Zhu. Mr Zhu was calculated, even if in order to hire be commissioned to sell sth, unit price is lower than be the same as house of commodity of a sector of an area 1600 yuan, this makes Mr Zhu a little enchanted.

The reporter understands on the spot in, personnel of carry out building introduces, with a 87.5 square metre the housing of 2 hall is 2 rooms exemple, mr Zhu is prepaid 20 years of hire plan 250 thousand yuan, give 30 years of leasehold next, this building puts in Mr Zhu 's charge after 50 years all. Be equivalent to Mr Zhu paying 250 thousand yuan to be obtained 50 years only actually period building leasehold, have this flatlet house. Gentleman of this carry out building is calculated, 250 thousand smooth booth arrives 50 years, cost of every months of chummage is 416 yuan only, but at present the building of the village already leased the factory around more, every months of hire is 1320 yuan about. Such computation, the house is taken in one's hand, have 800-900 every months yuan pure rent profit. Reporter computation, if Mr Zhu shows to buy this house with 250 thousand yuan, be equivalent to every square metre 2857 yuan, and in on the west side the building of 3 kilometers less than dish sale price is controlled in 4500 yuan. Buy this building dish a square metre is OK little 1600 multivariate, 87 square metre are little 140 thousand multivariate. When asking about house property card and land card, this salesperson expresses: “ a project that we are governmental programs, as a result of a property right, so the contract is hack. But what write on contract of rights and interests is very clear! Cannot handle two card temporarily, basically be to sign a contract to agree. ”

The reporter discovers after this village understands, this building dish cover in program, building model, the respect such as property management and commodity room do not look to go out have what distinction. Building dish show in introductory data, this building dish land property attributes part old industrial land. At present first phase already built investment to use, main program centers type dormitory and apartment dormitory, still have the part is small model apartment, 2 period the program mixes small for unit type apartment, single boarding house model apartment. Although the village plans to be collect old division, the living requirement design according to commodity house still is on the program of the project, the living easy that raised a village adequately is measurable. This and general collect old division are designed somewhat difference. Always accumulate 43162 ㎡ with the ground, single boarding house 38, apartment type dormitory (average house) 120. Compare with photograph of general goods room, its land property is not to live with the ground, however industrial land. The staff member confirms division of program of bureau of plan and construction of development of Wu Jiang economy yesterday, the utility that uses a room with constellation of industrial land collect will examine and approve this village uses the land. If this building dish change land utility is to violate for certain of compasses. Management of estate of Wu Jiang city is in Director Zhu to introduce, look from property, this building belongs to the form a complete set of development company to use a room, can whole sells an enterprise to be used at employee to live, but whether to allow a ground to sell a citizen, still need farther knowledge.
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