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20 cats are troubled by rental landlord home to want to call in greatly the buil

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Tenement approach young lady raised more than 20 cat inside the room, cause neighbour dissatisfaction. Lessor Shenyang lady is sued to the court, requirement and approach young lady remove the contract that rent. Court of Min travel district entered a judgement a few days ago, the building contract that rent gives remove, approach young lady is moved from bear lease a building and pay place to owe chummage.

Ms. Shen is rental the house of building of a bottom on rainbow plum road, approach young lady hires next shacking. Lodger puts forward to be not used in the agreement that rent a house bear hire a building to undertake illegal activity is mixed harm public interest. The cat is raised after approach young lady is entered more than 20, draw the intense dissatisfaction of neighbour. Ms. Shen says, approach young lady will bear the breed field that hires a building to serve as a cat, affect the dweller's surroundings badly, she puts forward to remove for many times the contract that rent, but refuse. Additional, rise from March 17, 2007 up to now, approach young lady did not pay rent.

Approach young lady thinks, the contract that rent a house did not agree the building that rent cannot raise a cat, oneself are not lawbreaking with the influence public interest.

Undertake application of lady of judge classics Shenyang, subpoena dweller reachs the building that rent to be in attest of village property administrator, the behavior raising a cat of young ladies of two approach of proof of card average per capita affects the normal life of circumjacent dweller badly already. The court thinks, approach young lady changed the use that rent, ms. Shen asks to remove the contract that rent, reason just when, should grant to support.