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Do not do Fang Nu and gnaw old a group of things with common features young when

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The netizen says a thing:

Netizen wheat: In Shenzhen marriage need has stable economic income ability to maintain family life, I and boy friend salary are not high, two people still close with the person lease a building, according to current house price and him salary standard, struggle 10 years even at least above ability cans afford a room, when can this marriage just written guarantee?

Wild goose of Gu of netizen big desert says: Can afford a house very hard without economic him support of parental family, parents helps paid head pay, ” of “ Fang Nu and “ are gnawed old a group of things with common features the title of ” makes him pressure quite big, the power that can want to rely on oneself buys Fang Zhen is a tickler.

y of d of n of netizen c a : The house price of Shenzhen and price level are too high, native place is answered to get married after the plan accumulates experience of a few years of works here establish line of business.

Netizen young man: Come to Shenzhen work 5 years, many colleagues that come along with me had bought a house, but I what “ does not put money ” inherently am insufficient all the time money is handed in head period, buy the plan postpone again and again of the room so. Want or give the man the business that buys a house, I invest myself, looked for a boy friend that has a house to calculate later.

The current situation:

Increasing youth is accepted hire room marriage, they pay attention to life quality generally more, do not wish to the room is borrowed and reduce oneself life quality because of repaying, unwilling and premature reduce ” of “ Fang Nu, more do not wish to increase heavy economic burden to bilateral parents. They are valued quite to what leasing a sector of an area of the building, partial person view buys a room to hire the viewpoint of the room as preexistence downtown in the suburb with its, on the base that considering the factor such as establishment of rental building area, price, circumjacent form a complete set integratedly, be apart from two people workplace is optimal choice nearly relatively.

Expert proposal:

In a few developed countries, most youth starts level is to choose to rent a house this one mode, arrived middleaged ability begins to buy a house formally. House price is right nowadays common white-collar for still be in bear besides limits, city youth does not answer “ person with content tired ” , spend the saving with bilateral old family in marry buy a house, “ marriage buys the traditional idea of room ” to should transform. The youth does not want too pursuit “ one pace reachs the designated position ” , can from hire a room to begin, buy Xiaofang to change big house, realize oneself housing dream stage by stage.