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Rental room levy manages vacuum position almost such black hole this who buries

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Long-term since, rental room levy is in vacuum condition almost.

Hangzhou municipal government published the 232nd order on November 9, 2006, statement Hangzhou city rents room levy will begin carry out from January 1, 2007, lead foretaste to go in next the city zone; Leave in the round in Hangzhou urban district since May 1, 2007 proof.

2 many months went, the reporter discovers the landlord that declares a building actively to rent duty still is minority, rental room levy, really hard the black hole of fill?

And be about to begin speak face statistic to rent room information takes the place of by the street the act that signs era to collect the tax that rent, be opposite probably fill this one black hole not without advantage.

Report an amount far be less than clinch a deal amount

The reporter understands, since beginning levy of normative and rental room on May 1, put on record to house property branch truly the rental room that declare is had pity on less. The amount that comes on “ active newspaper is very few, have ten look only probably. House property of area of ” arch villa trades Director Li of the center says.

Abundant promotes praedial staff member to tell a reporter, the renting room that clinchs a deal in 56 month is in 1000 above, but according to them understanding goes to what duty Wu branch declares clinching a deal only truly the odd of the quantity, a few just.

And observe according to them, when policy just came on stage, a lot of hiring the guest rents duty because of the building for avoid and make the risk that chummage rises, change direction in succession rent on the net, the furtive channel renting a house such as friend introduction. Still many landlord put forward “ to hire the concept of valence ” completely, addition taxes this part defray turns to be assumed by lodger, some is flat begin to rise hire.

For instance this brings city of Hangzhou emerald green center on the west, the room that rent changes a hand rate is higher, because of this one belt living facilities is compared complete, and it is small family mostly model. This year the beginning of the year, this area the building hire of one hall is in 2 rooms 1600 the left and right sides, since policy came on stage Feburary, also accompany those who follow a price to rise at the same time, arrived Feburary this year June, hire rises to be controlled to 1800 yuan, some achieved 2000 yuan even every month.

Come from the statistical data of easy Ju Chenxin to show, this company clinched a deal to the building that was in Hangzhou area July May the quantity is more than 300. This company staff member expresses, because confidential is many bits rentaller the range is wide, lack effective news source medium of communication and administrative measure, the situation of house-owner evade taxation is more general still, the house-owner scale that pays tax actively by the regulation is lesser.
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